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Jul 2013
2:00 am
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraf II 1v1 Part 1

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Player registrations allowed.
  • 1v1
  • Player registrations allowed.
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New arsenal. New maps. New threats! Heart of the Swarm is well upon us, and LANcouver is proud to host a HotS event for 2013! Join in on three days of amazing SC2 action at the NCIX Warehouse. Matches will be broadcast live and online all weekend long by eSports Collective. Our casting area is designed for audience comfort and viewability and will be even better than the main stage at LANcouver 2012.
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Currently, there are no prizes listed.
1st Place: ASUS ROG G750JW-DB71 17″ gaming laptop
2nd Place: BenQ XL2720T 27″ widescreen gaming monitor
3rd Place: BenQ XL2420T 24″ widescreen gaming monitor

1st Place: InWin Commander II 1200w power supplyInWin GR One ATX mid-tower case
2nd Place: Logitech G400S gaming mouse, Logitech G510s gaming keyboard
3rd Place:  Logitech G35 7.1 surround headset

CODE “B”: Prizes to be determined at event, based on attendance/ranking distribution Total Prize Pool for all Codes: $3000+

Contact Info

LANcouver staff
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The tournament format will be based on player rank indicated at the time of registration. If your previous rank was higher than your current ranking, you may register under that previous rank. The tournament will consist of two to three “Code” brackets or pools, and there will be prizes for each Code. This organization of the tournament allows for more intense competition and also more fair play for the players involved. Code B – Bronze to Gold (based on attendance – minimum 10 players)
Code A – Platinum to Diamond
Code S – Master & Grand Master
Format: Double elimination (Championship & Consolation bracket for each Code)
Matches: Regular Championship matches are Best of 3, Consolation matches are Best of 1
Semi-Finals: Best of 5 games (Championship), Best of 1 games (Consolation)
Finals: Best of 7 games (Championship), Best of 3 games (Consolation)
Code S players will be eligible for the eSports Canada Alliance tournament. Exact tournament details will be available at the event. Winners will go on to compete for a national title. Other Rules All SC2 players must be present at 7PM on Friday, July 12th. All players must report to tournament staff once they have completed their matches. If any player drops out or is removed from the tournament they are not eligible for a refund of their BYOC pass, and their spot in the tournament will be treated as an automatic bye with a 0-0 record. During  all matches and rounds any players who are not present for a match within a reasonable amount of time will be given a loss for that match. Any decisions made between two opponents (such as forfeiture, map change, modifying the number of wins required in a best of 3 or 7 situation, or other tournament-altering decision) MUST be coordinated with the tournament organizers, or both players will face disqualification – even if you and your opponent agree on a change, you must both still present the change to tournament staff. All decisions on matches rest with the tournament organizers and any disputes or accusations about a particular match must be reported to tournament organizers immediately. The tournament rules and format, including maps, are subject to change without notice at any time during the course of the tournament.
Organizer will be announcing this shortly. Stay tuned.

Registration Requirements

Details that will be collected from players when joining this tournament:

  • In game name
  • Battle net ID
  • Region
  • Starcraft 2 Character Code
  • In game name
  • Battle net ID
  • Region
  • Starcraft 2 Character Code
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